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Choosing Your Path, Will Make You Happy

I know this article might sound too serious,¬†hmm that’s a no and a yes. But before we break in, if you haven’t read my previous article about how to make money online, I have tried to convince my self by applying everything I’ve learned so far about the things that could make a living on the internet, please do check here.

Well, i’m not an expert on career advice or even this article is not really about career although the word itself will be written my times just for a terminology. I could write everything I wanna say about my experiences on the topic but due to my limitation in writing as a newbie, I guess I need to cut it down to keep you out of boredom.

What Do I mean About the PATH?

My title “Choosing your path, will make you happy” a short description and advice from what I’ve learned in life. A “how to be a successful professional person” I think could be a next thing to tackle here. Please bear with me as I extract everything I remember and everything I could think about choosing one’s path.

How to have a good career from A dreamer boy

On my grade school, I was really amazed and puzzled how computer works. That time, computer runs on a huge hard drive with a size of 16MB, crazy right? It’s not even a standard of a USB drive today. My teacher Ranjel is computer guru that time, and he’s been teaching us what can people do with computer and what would those computer do on the future. What really tickled my ears is when he said that people will be able to write to the computer using a wired pen writing on the screen. I said “wow!” that is awesome!, I want to try that!. Until that triggered my day dreaming to be a technologist or a person who do computers.

After school I immediately ask my older cousins what course should I take to make a computer or know them. They said I need to take “computer engineering” because computer engineers make computers and other stuff related to it. So from that on, I said to myself “I want to be a computer engineer” (although puzzled what could those words mean). Other told me, that for me to pass that course, I need to be a math guru. But I hate math, man! I had no choice but to strive to pass that subject. Until I went to college and successfully passed my entrance exams to take the course of my dreams. Continue reading