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Research Says I Can Earn Money Online

It was May 2014 when I stumble on googling the keyword How to make money online, I came up on a ton on results with those sites with such information. Those things are really huge to my mind because I was just starting to convince myself if these information were true making money online.

Upon reading and reading and watching convincing topics on how to make money online, my head turned upside down. Can I really be successful or will I try this kind of thing? Hey, let me tell you that I have a decent job working on IT services as administrator. Doing such thing is a pain of boredom. I am earning a satisfactory wage that can supply my wife and I. But I know back in my mind that working on a company forever cannot give me freedom with my wife and my future family. So I told myself what can I do in order to have a small time business using my specialty which is on the internet?

Maybe you are thinking that I may not be a satisfied person and contended to what I have now, but you will realize soon that we need to mind our own business like Rich Dad said on his book “Guide to financial freedom”.

But Im will not be talking about those things now but really share and ask everyone my journey to making money online. Continue reading