Research Says I Can Earn Money Online

It was May 2014 when I stumble on googling the keyword How to make money online, I came up on a ton on results with those sites with such information. Those things are really huge to my mind because I was just starting to convince myself if these information were true making money online.

Upon reading and reading and watching convincing topics on how to make money online, my head turned upside down. Can I really be successful or will I try this kind of thing? Hey, let me tell you that I have a decent job working on IT services as administrator. Doing such thing is a pain of boredom. I am earning a satisfactory wage that can supply my wife and I. But I know back in my mind that working on a company forever cannot give me freedom with my wife and my future family. So I told myself what can I do in order to have a small time business using my specialty which is on the internet?

Maybe you are thinking that I may not be a satisfied person and contended to what I have now, but you will realize soon that we need to mind our own business like Rich Dad said on his book “Guide to financial freedom”.

But Im will not be talking about those things now but really share and ask everyone my journey to making money online.

Like I said on May, upon reading blogs and good articles about making money online, I came out to be starting a beginner’s blog at Blogger as it is really easy to write and share my thoughts. From there, I tried thinking what should I write about. It really took  sometime to think about it until I decided to make topics about Life Hacks. Well, many say that I should write original and good content but at that time Im not really doing it instead I copy other peoples work. I know I don’t have a good writing skills like this one but Im really trying.

So then after making about 10-20 topics, I had no views for a long time. I forced myself to share it and tell my friends to read and share it many times. I wanted it to be known and let people know that I exist and I have good content. But then I failed, although they visited it but after it, nothing. Then I get the idea after I read that if I have a blog then I can monetize it to make some earnings on my blog. But that idea was a big loss because my blog wasn’t ready for that instead I just ended up wasting time and effort.

I still got a push to put tons of ads hoping to earn even just a cent, but then again no good results. Ads such as Bidvertiser, Chitika, Nuffnang, and Infolinks are the one I tried  many times, on and off trying to get small earnings. Making money online is a pain for me. Maybe this thing is not for me, I said. Maybe I needed a good adviser and mentor to learn with. And yes, someone from my company Im working with came along. He was blogging for about three years and he’s getting money out of it. I made him teach me some of his ways and techniques. He even introduced me on Adsense which is what I hated after I tried many times but I got disabled all the time because of violations done due to “invalid clicks and not good to their advertisers” they claimed. Yeah, I think they were right, I think having viewers from the same location and region is a bad thing for them. Also I guess Im wrong with it. I know I have a very bad English and content on every  article I write.

After more than 4 months, it did have traffic but most of them is whenever I share it to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. After this I thought of quitting. I did quit for a week and never checked my stats. I always hoped that I can earn money online from people that thought me and have a decent earnings. Until now my quest is under queue and trying to get on my feet getting good traffic.

I know I did not mentioned a lot here about my niche, my Ads, my methods and exact steps I did. Maybe someday after this I will update it.

So for now as my immediate conclusion, making money online is not really easy. It could pull you down if you don’t really put yourself in it and be patient. Also, if you don’t know the right things to begin with and how to continue, you could possibly quit on the first place.

So if you have a hand full of encouragement, honest advice and guide to me and those people like me having a hard time making money online, please leave a comment. Thank you for reading.


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